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International Student Association Constitution





The Eastern Kentucky University International Students Association (ISA) declares and affirms this constitution for the purpose of establishing its rules and regulations as a student organization. The experiences we partake in may later help international students establish themselves as vital members who accept the following: 


ARTICLE 1- Name: 

The name of this organization shall be the International Students Association (ISA) at Eastern Kentucky University. 

ARTICLE 2-Purpose: 

The purpose of this organization shall be to develop and utilize the available resources on Eastern Kentucky University’s campus to promote academic, social and cultural awareness within the organization; whereby it shall be beneficial to EKU campus and the surrounding community. 

ARTICLE 3-Membership: 

a.      The members of the International Students Association shall consist of any EELI student, International or non-international student at EKU. 

ARTICLE 4 - Officers: 

1.     President 

2.     Vice President 

3.     Financial Coordinator 

4.     Activity Coordinator 

5.     Publicity Coordinator 

6.     Advisor, non-voting, as prescribed in Article 5- G 

The term of office for all officers shall be for one academic year. The term begins in Fall semester and ends at the end of Spring semester. 

ARTICLE 5- Responsibilities of Officers: 

     A. President 

a.      Shall be the presiding officer at all regular and special meetings of the board and of the general membership. 

b.     Shall organize and plan the order of such meetings. 

c.      Shall chair meetings of the Executive Committee. 

d.      He/she must have been an member of ISA prior to his/her nomination for election. 

e.      The president is –by virtue of his\her office—the executor of all other offices and committees; and must have knowledge of all proceedings. 

    B. Vice President 

a.      Vice President’s main duty is to preside in cooperation or at the request of the President. 

b.     The same sterling qualities must be found in this officer as in the President. 

c.      This officer must be a co-chairperson of a standing committee. 

d.      In the event of the inability of the president to serve (leaving school, graduation, medical, removal from office, etc.) the Vice President will become the President and the Vice Presidential vacancy will be filled by one of the other officers upon the agreement of majority of the officers. 

e.      Perform other activities as assigned during the term in office. 


   C. Financial Coordinator 

a.      The duties of the Financial Coordinator shall be to keep in trust all funds received by the organization. 

b.     To disburse the same only upon proper requirement according to the rules stated in the by-laws. 

c.      He/she must keep an accurate account of all money received or disbursed and provide a budget report at every meeting. 

d.      He/she is responsible for any negligence on his/her part pertaining to careless handling of the treasury and shall be held liable for the same. 

e.      Shall be responsible for organizing activities that produce income for ISA in coordination. 

f.      Perform other activities as assigned during the term in office. 



     D. Activity Coordinator 

a.      Shall be responsible for informing ISA members of forthcoming events. 

b.     Shall be responsible for organizing activities for ISA. 

c.      Provide evaluation reports at meetings after every event, addressing the weaknesses and suggesting solutions. 

d.      Shall publicize events and activities of ISA. 

e.      Perform other activities as assigned during the term in office. 


      E. Publicity Coordinator 

a.      Shall be responsible for supporting and updating ISA's web site. 

b.     Shall publicize events and activities of ISA. 

c.      He/she responsible of social media activities (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). 

e.      Provide evaluation reports at meetings after every event, addressing the weaknesses and suggesting solutions. 

f.      Perform other activities as assigned during the term in office. 

     F. Advisor 

a.      May attend organizational meetings at his/her own will and may recommend policies and procedures but may not vote on issues with the board. 

b.     The advisor will serve as a liaison between the ISA and the International office and other offices on campus. 


ARTICLE 6- Meetings 

a.      An open, general meeting (public) shall be held at least once each semester at a predetermined date. 

b.     Officer’s meetings shall be held at least monthly. 

          i. No vote taken in an officer’s meeting to finalize decisions made by officers shall be recognized unless a majority of the officers are present. 

         ii. Absence of an officer is allowed only by special permission from the President. The vote must be given to one of the officers prior to the officers prior to the Officer’s Meeting in which the voting will take place. 

       iii.  Officer’s meetings are open to visitors, but they are not allowed to vote. 


ARTICLE 7-Proposed Amendments to the Constitution 

a.      Officers of the organization may propose a motion for constitutional revision at any meeting of the board or at a general meeting. 

b.     A majority vote of officers is necessary to pass any proposed revision of the constitution. 


ARTICLE 8 -Termination of Officer 

a.      Termination of officer shall be on the grounds of neglect or abuse of the office. 

b.     Evidence of neglect must be brought forth in the organizational meeting and reviewed by current ISA officers without the person in question present. 

c.      Following the review by ISA officers and advisor, if the majority agrees, the termination will be announced. 

d.      To fill the vacant officer position, interviews will be done with interested members. Upon the completion of the interview process, a new officer who has been approved by majority of the officers will be announced. 





ARTICLE 1 -Elections 

a.      Annual election shall be at the end of Spring semester for all officer positions. 

b.     Members can nominate themselves to run for office. 

c.     All current EKU students are eligible to vote. 

d.      A meeting will be held between the Executive Board and the nominees to explain campaigning rules. 

ARTICLE 2- Voting 

a.      Voting will be done with paper ballots that will be counted by executive board, one representative from each candidate or ISA advisor / International Program Director or Program Coordinator. 


ARTICLE 3 – Finances 

a.      The signature of the President and the Financial Coordinator is required before any withdrawal.  

ARTICLE 4-Disciplines 

a.      No drugs are allowed during meetings. 

b.     No profanity is allowed during meetings; unruly officers / members will be dismissed from the meetings by those present. 

c.      All officers are required to attend meetings, unless he/she has an appropriate excuse. 

d.      In case of absence from meetings, officers are required to report their absence to the President or Vice President prior to the meeting. Any absence without reporting will count as a negligence of the office. 

e.      Officers are required to be punctual at all meetings and organizational activities. 

f.      Before speaking, an officer or member is required to indicate to the presiding officer that he/she wishes to speak and must only speak when recognized by the presiding officer. 

g.     When a (n) member/officer presents an idea, other members at the meeting are required to respect it and pay attention to the speaker.

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